What Does Gojo Teach? More About Everyone’s Favorite Sensei

Jujutsu Kaisen is set in a world where curses exist and sorcerers fight them to maintain peace in the city. Tokyo Jujutsu High is one of the schools that foster young sorcerers in the series, one of them being the protagonist. A handful of interesting teachers and staff also work at the school including the fan-favorite Gojo Satoru. Aside from the question of what kind of subjects they teach at Tokyo Jujutsu High, we also receive a lot of questions about what subjects Gojo teaches specifically. If you’re also wondering about these same questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Tokyo Jujutsu High

Tokyo Jujutsu High

One of the main settings of Jujutsu Kaisen is the school where Itadori was brought after becoming Sukuna’s vessel. Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College or Tokyo Jujutsu High for short is one of the only two educational institutions in Japan that foster young sorcerers. In Japan, a technical college or institution (kōsen) is like a vocational school where students can either choose to work or continue their studies after graduation. We can assume that they also teach general education subjects at Tokyo Jujutsu High aside from the training and other jujutsu stuff. This can also explain why Nanami could work as a salaryman after graduation despite only attending Tokyo Jujutsu High.

What does Gojo teach?

Apart from that, it was also mentioned in the Official Fanbook that “windows” teach regular subjects in school. “Windows” are school staff that can see curses but do not work as sorcerers. See, aside from the fact that they send their students on dangerous missions and they only have 2-4 students per batch, Tokyo Jujutsu High still bears some semblance to your regular Japanese high school.

However, if you think about it, there is not much to teach about jujutsu. Most students who were enrolled at Tokyo Jujutsu High already have a good grasp of their powers. Apart from that, there is no standard way of teaching jujutsu since each student has unique techniques. The school is probably just an excuse to send students on sorcerer-related missions.

Is the School Setting Important in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Is the school setting important in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Jujutsu Kaisen is often compared with My Hero Academia as they are currently the two most popular shounen series that utilize a school setting. They are similar in the way that students in JJK and MHA attend a school where they train and work to become strong sorcerers/heroes in the future. However, the two series differ in the way they utilize the school setting.

In MHA, the school plays a huge role in the plot. There are 20 students in class 1-A alone, and there are tons of other classes and special tracks. There are around 200 students in total, plus a huge number of teachers and staff as well. MHA has also been having a lot of school-related arcs like the sports festival and school festival arcs.

What does Gojo teach?

The plot of JJK, however, does not revolve around the school that much. There is only one class per year level which consists of only 2-4 students, and there are probably less than 10 teachers and staff overall. JJK does not focus much on school-related events compared to MHA. In fact, most of the arcs and important events in JJK happen outside the school. Moreover, it seems like the students at Tokyo Jujutsu High are less of a student and more of an actual sorcerer already. They are even ranked using the same scale as professional sorcerers.

Although the school in Jujutsu Kaisen may seem like an afterthought, there are also a lot of positive things about this setting. Even though they have a minimal amount of students and teachers, it is actually an advantage since each of them is given enough focus as characters. We don’t have to worry about characters getting tossed aside or not being given enough spotlight for development. The school setting also serves as a breather from the intense events in the story and since the main characters are teenagers, it feels better to have them go through normal teenager stuff from time to time. So yes, the school setting is also important in JJK in some ways.

What Does Gojo Teach?

What does Gojo teach?

There is no standard way of teaching jujutsu since each student has unique abilities that require different training methods. Students at Tokyo Jujutsu High do not learn things the regular way where they attend classes, listen to their teacher, and do their homework. Instead, students are taught how to become strong sorcerers through practical training and experiences gained from their missions. Therefore, we can say that Gojo does not teach a specific subject but rather, he serves as an all-around mentor to his students. He provides them guidance, advice, feedback, and support when necessary, but the students will do most of the work and will have to figure things out by themselves.

Why Did Gojo Become a Teacher?

Why did Gojo become a teacher?

In Chapter 11, Gojo revealed the reason why he chose to become a teacher. Gojo’s dream is to “reset” the world of jujutsu and change the rotten hierarchy and traditions reinforced by the higher-ups. Sure, it is easy for him to just simply slaughter the higher-ups that he despises the most, but it will not change anything. They will only be replaced by like-minded people and in the end, nothing will change. And that is why Gojo chose education—he wanted to instill his values in the next generation and raise strong and clever sorcerers who would hopefully change the world of jujutsu someday.