What Did Sukuna Look Like as a Human? Uncovering a Mystery

A thousand years ago, in the Jujutsu world’s golden age, Sukuna was the most powerful human sorcerer.

Is his human form from the past similar to how he looks in the present? Or did Sukuna, in the past, have a completely different appearance? What did Sukuna look like as a human? We’d love to share with you what we think in this blog.

What Did Sukuna Look Like as a Human?

At this point in the series, no one knows what the King of Curses looks like as the most potent human sorcerer from a millennium ago. So instead, what we have is how he looks like when he is with his perfect vessel, Yuji Itadori. That is, he seems like Yuji Itadori.

What did Sukuna look like as a human?

At the start of Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna refuses to wear a shirt when fighting under Yuji’s control. But when the spirit and the vessel talk, we see what Sukuna is likely to wear, which could be the outfit he wore 1000 years ago when he was a human.

He wears a white kimono, scarf, and flip-flops with black socks. It is easy to understand because Sukuna was a human sorcerer a thousand years ago, so Japan’s traditional culture from that era likely influenced his outfit.

Who killed Sukuna?

Sukuna’s present human form also has his tattoos, with a physique and demeanor closer to how he initially looked.

What Did Sukuna Originally Look Like?

In Chapter 181 and the cover page of Chapter 117, Gege Akutami, the author of Jujutsu Kaisen, showed us the true form of Sukuna from 1000 years ago.

How does Sukuna actually look like?

Despite now looking similar to Yuji, people still want to know Sukuna’s true form. Sukuna in the present and Sukuna a thousand years ago are pretty different. But all the features of Sukuna still follow him until now – when he lives inside Yuji’s body.

The real form of Sukuna has four arms and four eyes, exactly how people described him for hundreds of years. He has a big nose, sharp jawline, and the charisma of a cold-blood killer.

Sukuna also has tattoos on all of his body, like shoulders, arms, wrists, chest, back, and face. These tattoos somehow relate to his power.

How Tall is Sukuna’s True Form?

In his original form, Sukuna looks very tall. However, the author still needs to confirm the exact height of Sukuna. Instead, we can estimate Sukuna’s tall about 1.5 meters to 3.0 meters max based on the original accounts of Sukuna in the book Nihon Shoki.

But note that his face is deformed and looks like a cursed spirit. There is a theory that his mask is some power, just like Mahito.

In the final battle with Yuji, Mahito has evolved to a new kind of his power. Mahito attains a new form, and his power also increases. But after Yuji defeats Mahito, his form starts to break into pieces. It looks like Sukuna’s true form.

Does Sukuna Actually Look Like Itadori?

Why does Sukuna look like Yuji?

Sukuna looks like Yuji because Sukuna is now living in Yuji’s body. With that said, the look of Sukuna might affect his vessel.

But the true look of Sukuna also could be completely different from Yuji, as we mentioned above.

Sukuna’s Original Form Remains a Mystery

What did Sukuna look like as a human?

So far, we have only seen his true form through two pages of the manga version. That’s all.

But one thing we know is that the original form of Sukuna will be an essential detail of the entire series. When Sukuna collects twenty fingers and revives once again, we might see Sukuna with a new look and power.

However, the answer about Sukuna’s true form is still in the future, and all we can do right now is wait for Gege Akutami to show it to us.