Why Does Everyone Want Denji’s Heart? Here’s the Secret.

At the time of this writing, two episodes have been released for Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man. In these two episodes, we met our main characters. From the titular character Denji to the fan-favorite Power, we see a faster pace than in the manga. Only 13 episodes are planned for this series. It makes sense why there are a few things left out. For example, in the meeting between Makima and Denji, the latter was supposed to hunt a Devil. In the future, many more may be left out.

However, there is one thing that is guaranteed to pop out. If we follow the pacing thus far, by Episode 4 or 5, we will be entering the Eternity Devil Arc. It was during this arc that we discover something interesting. The Devils that are after Denji want his heart. In this article, we will be discussing the implications and why every Devil wants Denji’s Heart.

Why Does Everyone Want Denji’s Heart?

why does everyone want denji's heart?

In a previous article, we discussed the circumstances behind his transformation. Denji died after being double-crossed by his superiors. In a desperate bid to keep him alive, Pochita, his Devil pet, chose to fuse itself with Denji to bring him back. This gives Denji powers in return, but at a cost. Pochita is no longer conscious or physically available. Instead, he has taken residence at the boy’s heart. It appears that Pochita is taking the whole “X will live forever in our hearts” thing quite literally!

And it is because of this that the Devils want a piece of Denji. The Devils aren’t after the boy’s heart because they want it. They are not like the stereotypes who would rip people’s hearts out to drink it. No, they are after Denji’s heart for revenge against Pochita. Yet, there is another reason. One that is more spoiler-y and confirmed by the author.

Makima’s Reasoning for Why She Wants Denji’s Heart

why does makima like denji

If you’ve read the manga long enough, then you’d realize that all of it happened because of Makima. The Devils wants Denji’s heart because Makima had likely ordered them to bring it to him. She wants Pochita because she seeks its companionship. She wants to be able to stand with something next to her as equals and embrace the love denied to her. However, upon realizing how tough Denji and Pochita were, it was likely she changed her plans.

What is Special About Denji?

Many things made Denji special in this series. Not only does he carry a shocking amount of maturity, but he is also as equally immature. In the series, we often see him getting into trouble for things he committed. However, what truly made him special is his incredible sympathy towards others. While he is no hero, he showed enough conscience and care to make him one.

is pochita the strongest devil?

In a chapter cut out from Episode 2 of the anime, we see him sympathizing with a girl and a Devil she had “befriended”. His task had been to kill the Devil, but he was willing to let the both of them run away. He didn’t have to tear the bond between the two, seeing their parallels with him and Pochita. Even in later chapters, he has shown a great unwillingness to go through a plan. He even incited Aki into one of his dumb plans so he could help him move on.

Even on his first meeting with Pochita, he immediately offered himself up to help it. While this had been a plan to keep himself alive at first, he did end up growing to care for the little Devil. He had gone as far as sharing his food with it, no matter how little he has. The unawareness of his own kindness makes him special. It is what made him the main protagonist of the series. Eventually, their bond grew strong that also made him special. Unlike other characters in the series, only Denji had a profound and inseparable bond with a Devil.

Is Pochita the Strongest Devil?

Since Pochita is sought after by a lot of Devils, the question of “how strong is it?” often comes out. We are given small glimpses of Pochita’s real strength in earlier chapters. It is in later chapters that we discover its full strength. Without spoiling too much, the answer is yes, Pochita is one of the strongest devils to exist. But it is not the one above all. There are other Devils likely stronger than Pochita that Tatsuki Fujimoto has yet to uncover.